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BestTread™ FAQs About Our Seamless Stair Tread & Staircase Renewal Solutions
BestTread™ FAQs

BestTread™ FAQs For Your Stair Renewal

Common BestTread™ FAQs

BestTread™ Stair Renewal FAQS

BestTread™ FAQs hope aim to remove most concerns you may have about your stair renewal project. Moreover, we’ve spent a lot of time and resources developing a method to produce beautiful, replacement stair treads that are innovative in one major way: specifically – they’re one, single piece – and therefore seamless. In fact, as of right now, we manufacture the toughest, most durable and easiest-to-install 1-piece stair tread replacement available. Our myriad of finishes and laminates will most assuredly blend your new staircase treads to the décor you need. 


Plus, BestTreads™ are:

BestTreads™ are not hard to install. Since it is only one piece – it’s a simple measure, cut, line up, glue down installation.  It becomes more complicated if your staircase’s balusters are connect to the actual tread (they will have to be removed first). But other than that; when ready, make sure your steps are clean and clear of debris, measure and cut the tread, then glue it down. That’s it.

BestTread™ allows you to update the look and style of your staircase quickly and easily. With a limitless variety of BestTread™ finishes available to match, compliment or coordinate with your hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or carpeting, our stair treads allow you to affordably refresh your steps while creating a fresh, modern appearance.

A simple install requires a simple set of tools…

  • measuring tape

  • urethane-based construction adhesive

  • caulking gun and scraper

  • one miter saw (or tread cutting tool)

  • sponge for excess cleanup.

That’s it!

YES! BestTreads™ are a more cost-effective option over completely replacing the entire staircase.  Framerica’s BestTreads™ allow you to create a fresh, new look and improve functionality –  without the need for extensive construction work or altering the existing staircase’s structure. Especially important is that this can save you money while still providing a significant upgrade.

BestTreads™ are made from 100% polystyrene.  This post-consumer waste material is very smooth – which makes it a great surface for our finishes. Additionally, polystyrene is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t create voids, bumps or splinters. Not to mention (because of the smooth edges) we can use special routers to create our beautiful, decorative edges.

As a matter of fact – yes – by replacing worn-out or damaged treads, retreading significantly improves the longevity and strength of your staircase due to their own strength and durability. BestTreads™ are made from high-quality, recycled, easy-to-clean materials and are highly-resistant to wear and tear, plus they provide a sturdier surface for everyday use.

BestTreads™ are manufactured by America’s favorite profile-wrapped molding company: the Framerica Corporation. By and large, Framerica has been producing top-notch methods, coatings, laminates and finishes for the molding industry for over 54 years. For this reason, our finishes can mimic any wood, tile, laminate or vinyl.  We have a limitless catalog of 1000s of options for you to choose from – capabilities and catalog that is guaranteed to match your décor.

In short: Yes. Of course, we do. Our finishes are specifically designed by our teams of artisans, designers and print engineers to make sure we can replicate any finish perfectly –  for any product – made of any material you may want to match.

At the present time, BestTread™ comes in 2 profiles: round nose and square nose. For more unique stair installations such as “open stairs”,  BestTreads™ are also available with ‘double return, double mitered’ options if you should you need such a profile to make your installation even easier since we will cut the returns for you. Furthermore, we also produce risers and top-step flush mounts stair nosings should your project require them.

Absolutely, they’re finished with a 100% waterproof laminate finish that easily wipes clean (unlike most other surfaces like carpet, wood, or tile) with general household cleaners as well as water and a cloth.

To be able to accommodate most stair installations, we offer our treads at a generous 48” length.  Generally, most staircases are standard in size but most steps expand or contract slightly over time which makes it impossible for us to cut BestTreads™ in every possible size.

Yes. Of course. Overall, regular stairs can become slippery or develop uneven surfaces over time which pose a safety hazard. For this reason, retreading with BestTread™ allows you to address these issues by installing materials that offer better traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls.  Additionally, repairing any structural damage during the retreading process helps ensure a secure and stable staircase.


Ask Us About BestTread™

Undoubtedly, BestTread™ laminate step treads have become increasingly popular in recent months due to their durability, affordability and aesthetic appeal. In the first place,  BestTreads™ were designed to provide a sturdy and slip-resistant surface on staircases, enhancing both safety and visual appeal.

What is more, the BestTread™ one-piece staircase replacement treads offer home and business owners the opportunity to finally tie their floor and stair décor together. 

Finally: BestTread™ can be manufactured in just about any and every pattern, finish, color and style you could ever need or want to complete your makeover project – once and for all. 

This is one of our more common BestTread™ FAQs. Yes. Of course, you can order hundreds or can order just one to finish a project. We specialize in manufacturing BestTreads™ for big box stores. However, due to our just-in-time inventory and bespoke technology, we are able to offer BestTreads™ to customers who require a specialized or custom finish that is not available at your local home improvement store. For those instances, please call us at 1-800-372-6422 so we can discuss your needs and options regarding our step tread renewal products. You may also peruse our online shop for a review of our readily stocked product options.

Now, BestTreads™ can be purchased right off the shelf at most of the larger home improvement stores in the United States. However, if those stores do not carry BestTreads™ or they can’t procure your special order for you – please call us at 1.800.372.6422 and we will create the BestTread™ you need with the exact finish you want.  You may also peruse our online shop here for stocking available online products.

Yes! BestTreads™ can be purchased (off the shelf) at many home improvement stores in the United States. However, if your local home improvement store does not carry the BestTreads™ you need (or the store itself can’t place a special order for you) you can call us at 1-800-372-6422 and we will create the BestTread™ with the exact finish you need for your home. 

Nope! After all, BestTreads™ are as stain-proof, impervious and durable as possible without being hard or abrasive on your feet to walk on. For that reason, you do not need any special soaps, sealers or conditioners to keep your BestTreads™ looking brand new.

Of course! If you’d like to carry our line of BestTreads™ in your store or for your customers, please just call us at 1-800-372-6422 and we will discuss your specific needs and our line of step tread renewal products. You may also peruse our online shop for available products.

BestTreads™ themselves are made from 100% recycled materials. Retreading a staircase with BestTread™ also promotes sustainability because you are reusing the already-existing staircase framework and simply replacing the treads (possibly the risers and returns). Consequently, this reduces waste and minimizes the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and disposing of an entirely new staircase or tread material.

Emphatically – yes. If you would like to carry our line of BestTreads™ for your store’s clients and customers, please call us. For this purpose, we will gladly speak with you about our line of step tread renewal products.

Compared to a full staircase replacement, retreading typically involves much less disruption to your home or business. A stair renewal project can take as little as a half a day if done by a pro. Then you only wait a little while longer for the adhesive to cure. Furthermore, retreading is a much-less-invasive process, requiring much less time and effort. At best, this makes it the more convenient option. Especially if you want to renovate your staircase without the headache of major construction work or causing significant inconvenience to your space.

We recommend allowing the construction adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.  However, IF installed with finishing nails you can walk on the steps immediately.

Why Choose BestTread™?

Stair Makeovers Done Best With BestTreads™

Indeed, redoing your stairs can significantly enhance the overall appearance of your home. In the first place, if your current stairs look outdated, worn, or do not match the style of your interior, renovating them can provide a fresh and appealing look. Next, if your stairs are damaged, unstable or have worn-out treads, they can pose a safety hazard. Lastly, renovating your stairs allows you to address any structural issues, repair or replace damaged parts, and improve the stability and safety of the staircase.

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