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BestTread™ Returns Are Double-Mitered For Much Easier Installation

BestTread™ Step Tread Returns


Stair Tread Returns Made For BestTreads™

Before – if you’re like us – you knew exactly what needed to be fixed in your own house. Now, do you stare at your tired, boring, old stairs and think ‘I wish the stair edges matched those new floors’? Well, we thought that too. Finally – now they can!

In fact, our engineering experts crafted durable, shock resistant stair tread returns and other accessories such as risers, top-step flush mounts and 1000s of finishes to complete any staircase renewal job perfectly. Furthermore, our pre-mitered double returns eliminate all of the guesswork and make installation so many steps easier. 

Specifically, that’s why BestTread™ set out to design staircase returns and risers that offer home and business owners the opportunity to finally and completely coordinate their stair décor to their new floors. In due time, BestTread™ returns were double mitered (cut on angles on each front corner) and can now be produced to match just about any and every pattern, finish, color and style of your new BestTread™ to complete your stair renewal and makeover project perfectly – once and for all.

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What Is A Staircase Step Return?

In summary, a staircase step tread return refers to the curved or rounded end on a step tread where it meets the adjacent wall or balustrade. Specifically, it’s a design feature that provides the smooth transition from the horizontal tread to the vertical surface. Subsequently, the purpose of a step tread return is twofold: functionality and safety. In fact, from a functional standpoint, the rounded end of the tread allows for a more comfortable and natural movement when ascending or descending the stairs. In other words, returns eliminate sharp corners or edges that could pose a tripping hazard or cause discomfort.

Next, in terms of safety, a step tread return helps to prevent clothing or footwear from getting caught on the corner of the step. This reduces the risk of accidents and improves the overall user experience when navigating the staircase. Lastly, it’s worth noting that not all staircases have step tread returns. Some stairs can have square-nosed treads without any rounded ends. In this case, the inclusion of step tread returns is a design choice that adds a touch of elegance and functionality to the staircase.