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BestTread™ molding components to complete your stair makeover

Renewal Project Accessories By BestTread™


Stairs Made Over Entirely With BestTread™

First and foremost, remodeling your staircase is a great way to make a significant impact on your home décor while remaining cost-effective. Whether you want to give your stair risers a fresh coat of paint, replace the old carpet with hardwood stair treads, or revive your neglected basement stairs, BestTread™ stair accessories and products will help you achieve your goals.

It is equally important to remember that incorporating BestTread’s™ stair accessories ensures a smoother and more efficient staircase renovation process. BestTread™ offers a variety of staircase accessories, including risers, flush mount stair nosings, and returns, which will contribute to the success of your project.

Regardless of your specific plans, BestTread’s™ new one-piece step treads, along with our staircase risers and nosings provide home and business owners with the opportunity to unify their floor and stair décor. Furthermore, BestTread™ can manufacture their products in a wide range of patterns, finishes, colors, and styles to perfectly complement your makeover project, once and for all.

Stair Accessories

BestTread™ Stair Accessories

Accessories Riser

Stair Riser Replacements

Stair risers play a vital role in stair safety. Replacing damaged or missing risers helps prevent accidents by providing a solid barrier between steps, reducing the risk of tripping or slipping.

Accessories Color Variety

Myriad Available Finishes

BestTreads™ offers a range of popular colors and finishes for their products, which can be readily available through many home stores. However, if you require a custom shade or finish to perfectly match your décor or design vision, BestTreads™ provides the option for customization. Feel free to call 800.372.6422.

Accessories Flush Stair Nose

Flush-Mounted Top Steps

Flush-mounted stair nosings are architectural components designed to enhance the safety and durability of stairs while providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Accessories Returns

Double-Mitered Tread Returns

Double-mitered tread returns are a specialized feature in staircase construction and renovation. They are used to create a clean and polished finish when installing stair treads, particularly in open stair installations or when dealing with the exposed ends of treads.

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