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Complementary Step Risers That Match Your New, Seamless BestTreads™

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Custom Matched or white STAIRCASE RISERS

Matching Step Risers Made For BestTread™

Specifically, a staircase riser is the vertical place between two steps. Generally, the riser area may be closed or open (depending on the style of the stairs). Conversely, the stair tread is the horizontal surface of the stair (the part of the stair you step on). Also of note: the nosing is the portion of the step tread that hangs over the front of the riser. The rise is the vertical dimension from tread to tread (usually about 7.5″). The run is the horizontal dimension from riser to riser (not including the nosing). 

BestTread™ now manufactures stair risers because we wanted to be able to offer home and business owners the opportunity to completely tie their floor and stair décor to their overall look and feel. At this point, BestTread™ risers are manufactured in just about any and every pattern, finish, color and style to complete your stair makeover project – once and for all. 

BestTread™ round tread finish

BestTread™ Staircase Risers

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Custom or white STEP RISERS

What Is A Staircase Step Riser?

Generally, a staircase riser refers solely to the vertical component or vertical face between two consecutive steps in a staircase. Explicitly, it is the portion of the staircase that connects the treads (the horizontal surfaces on which you step) and defines the height of each step (usually 7.5″). The riser is typically perpendicular to the tread and helps create a consistent and safe ascent or descent when using the staircase. Lastly, the riser provides structural support and stability to the staircase while also helping to prevent accidental tripping by separating each step.

All in all, staircases can have different types of riser designs, including closed risers and open risers. Closed risers are solid vertical faces that fully enclose the space between two treads, while open risers have gaps or voids between the treads, creating a more open and visually lighter appearance.

BestTread™ Square nose tread